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BTCA Program

Teaching Hockey Players the Habits, Rituals and Skills to Build Mental Resilience and Success in Hockey and in Life


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Day Camps

If you're in the Toronto Area… Come Join Us for One of Our Upcoming Hockey Day Camps!


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At NTC Hockey our mission is to teach athletes to be confident and great… by mentoring, inspiring and leading them through our Pillars of Greatness, Skating Treadmill, On Ice and Off Ice instruction, customized testing protocols, showcase events, and virtual coaching programs.”  Dan Blackburn Founder & CEO

Online Training

BTCA Essential

  • Daily Morning Planner: YOUR GAME SHEET
  • Weekly Proven Fitness @Home Training Program
    (3 Times a Week)
         a) Speed, Strength, Mobility, Power Exercises
         b) Technique & Form Videos
         c) Progress Tracking Technology
  • Monthly LIVE Group Mentorship Coaching Call Learn More

In House Training

skating treadmill Toronto

Skating Treadmill

  • Develop top-end speed
  • Stop slowing down when you get the puck
  • Learn how to keep up with your team’s top skaters Learn More


hockey dryland training

Ultimate Off Ice Hockey Training (C.A.P.S.)

  • Improve your shot, speed and hockey IQ
  • Build strength and agility, reduce the risk of injury
  • Build confidence, move up your team’s depth chart Learn More


Building The Complete Athlete - Hockey Dryland Training

  • Have you lost confidence and it’s starting to show in your game play?
  • Are you struggling to perform during stressful games and tryouts?
  • Are you trying to make the juniors or get a scholarship but lacking assertiveness?
  • Are you trying to stand out to be one of the major contributors on your team?

Is the Building the Complete Athlete right for you?

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Dan has trained thousands of young athletes, including:

  • PK Subban, NJ Devils
  • Jeff Skinner, Buffalo Sabres
  • Tyler Seguin, Dallas Stars
  • Tyler Toffoli, Vancouver Canucks
  • John Tavares, Toronto Maple Leafs
  • Frankie Corrado, MODO Sweden
  • Brent Burns, San Jose Sharks

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