2015 Showcase

Monday after the Showcase,

My phone and emails have been burning up with coach and scouts requesting E-mails and contact information for so many players from the showcase.

This is the greatest response NTC has had following our annual event.

That is a huge kudos to all the players. Your talent, commitment and abilities are and have been noticed! Well done!!!

Scouts and coaches will be reaching out to players soon.

On another note, I wanted to share an email Dr.Dave Harper sent me regarding his time at this years showcase.

Thank you for letting me participate in your NTC Showcase last week. I am so grateful. I love working with these kids and helping to give them the ‘edge’ that they need to succeed and am so humbled to have been able to participate. Thank you so much and I am here for you in whatever you need as you know. It was amazing to see you in your element….truly amazing…”
Dr. Dave

Also, please remember to get registered for your free admission to the 2015 US COLLEGE EXPO


Thank you once more. Have a legendary day.

Remember to make your bed everyday!

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