5 Must-Have Traits for Every Hockey Player

In order to be an elite player in the Ontario Junior Hockey League, a person needs to be at a certain caliber. Not only do they have to have the fundamental skills that make them a dominant force on the ice. They also need to have a certain collection of personality traits that make them a perfect match for The Junior Hockey League. Here are five traits that every hockey player should have.

1. Self-Confidence

One of the most fundamental traits that a player can have is self-confidence. Excelling at any sport requires a person to be able to believe that they can succeed at what they are doing. Someone who is filled with a lot of self-doubts will make more mistakes and be less likely to take risks. It might take hours of training and plenty of mental exercises but all players must believe in themselves as much as they want other to believe in them.

2. Dedication

In order to make it to the Greater Ontario Junior Hockey League, a person has to put in years of work. It is not a level of skills that is achieved after only a few months of training. If a player does not have the proper dedication to the sport, then they will never be able to remain focused long enough to make a name for themselves.

3. Communication

Hockey is not a single person sport. Every player has other teammates on and off the ice.. If any of these players try to be an island, the team will fail. Players must properly communicate with each of their teammates in order to find success.

4. Willingness to Help Others

Just as much as they have to be able to communicate with their teammates, they also have to be willing to support them. When someone asks for help or needs assistance on and off the ice, they cannot hesitate to help them out.

5. Drive

It is not enough for a player to just do what they are told, they also need to be able to tell when more is needed and be willing to go that extra mile. Sometimes coaches, trainers, or teammates do not see something that the player sees. Successful players have the drive to go out and accomplish something when they see that it needs to be done, whether they have been told to do it or not.

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