Ultimate Off Ice Hockey Training

The C.A.P.S. Training Program – Core, Agility, Power, Speed.

    • Is your child looking to move up to a higher level team next year?
    • Are they looking to be a better skater, have a better shot and better hockey IQ?
    • Are they constantly losing battles for the puck?
    • Has their coach recommended getting extra training to help keep their spot on the team?

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The C.A.P.S Off Ice Hockey Training Program is an essential addition to any athlete’s off-ice fitness regime. Developing your core creates a solid foundation for all power movements, while at the same time, speed and agility exercises train the athlete’s body to react quickly to various game situations.

About the C.A.P.S. Off Ice Training Programs:
The C.A.P.S program is all about improving the athlete’s body performance. We work on explosive power, foot speed, mobility and plyometrics.

We train the athletes to give them better strength, power and endurance, which will help reduce fatigue and be more relaxed during game situations. This will give them more time and space on the ice for their reactive skills to succeed.

Who is the program right for:
The C.A.P.S. program is ideal for kids ages 8-16, and suitable for all levels of hockey. It is designed to increase game strength, better body strength and endurance, reduce fatigue level.

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