Completing off ice hockey training is one of the most important steps to becoming a great hockey player. If the player is not willing to put in the effort to develop their physical abilities, then they will never be able to outperform their opponents on the ice. But just showing up to off ice hockey › Read more
In order to play the high-intensity sport of hockey, players need to have their bodies in optimal condition. This includes doing frequent hockey dryland training, sleeping adequate amounts, and maintaining a proper diet. By having proper nutrition, players can vastly improve their performance during both hockey training programs and games. Failing to follow basic nutritional › Read more
In order to be an elite player in the Ontario Junior Hockey League, a person needs to be at a certain caliber. Not only do they have to have the fundamental skills that make them a dominant force on the ice. They also need to have a certain collection of personality traits that make them › Read more
Treadmills are a staple of hockey players everywhere, yet not enough of them are taking advantage of the many benefits that a skating treadmill provides. Even players who are already pretty fast on the ice can sometimes have inconsistencies with their speed and stride. By using skating treadmill training, a player is able to more › Read more
You can’t go from being a couch potato to a hockey player with superior skills overnight. It takes months, if not years, of hard work and plenty of hockey training. There are people who say that the best way to get better is by actually strapping on the skates and playing in a game. To › Read more
Hockey Dryland Training: Drills to Add to Your Practice Sessions
Being a good hockey player doesn’t come from just putting on the skates and shooting some pucks around. It requires a lot of mental and physical discipline from every player on the team, even when they are not on the ice. That is where hockey dryland training drills really come in handy. They keep the › Read more
PRESS RELEASE – National Training Centres Host the 2019 NTC Junior Hockey Showcase
National Training Centres (NTC) is excited to be hosting their 17th annual Junior Hockey Showcase. It will take place March 9th – 15th 2019 at Westwood Arena, Above Rink #5, 90 Woodbine Downs Blvd, Toronto Ontario, M9W 5S6 Canada. The showcase is an event that is ideal for players born 1999 – 2003 who are › Read more

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