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Dryland Training for Youth Toronto

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NTC Hockey's Dryland Training Program

Our dryland program will change the way you play the game. You will become stronger faster more powerful while increasing your hockey IQ so your brain and body will be the fastest on the ice.

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Elevate your game with our comprehensive program – your proven one-stop shop for dryland training, cognitive training, shooting instruction and best in class coaching.


Cognitive Development:
Elevate not only the physical but also the mental aspects of your athlete’s game. Our program integrates cognitive development techniques, enhancing focus, decision-making, and hockey intelligence. Watch as their on-ice decisions become sharper and more strategic.

Progress Tracking:
Every session is a stepping stone towards success. Our proven program includes detailed progress tracking, ensuring that achievements and areas for improvement are recorded. This data-driven approach accelerates your athlete’s development, allowing them to set and surpass their performance goals.

Dryland Level 2 - Book A Trial Assessment

Dryland training Toronto - Off ice trainingUnlock the full potential of your young athlete with our empowering DRYLAND 2 Program! Tailored training programs crafted exclusively for your athlete by our expert development coaches. Fuel their passion, ignite their potential, and watch them soar!


Comprehensive Dryland Training:
Immerse your athlete in a dynamic and engaging dryland training regimen meticulously crafted by our expert development coaches. From strength and agility to speed and endurance, every session is tailored to enhance overall athletic performance.

Expert Guidance:
The journey to excellence is accompanied by our experienced development coaches who are dedicated to shaping well-rounded athletes. From refining technique to providing personalized guidance, our coaches foster an environment where your young athlete can thrive.

Holistic Development:
Beyond the physical and mental aspects, our DRYLAND 2 Program emphasizes holistic development. Your athlete will not only witness improvements in their hockey skills but also experience enhanced discipline, resilience, and a strong work ethic that extends beyond the rink.

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We customize programs for players at all levels

Become stronger: Our program is designed to make you a powerhouse on the ice. By engaging in our dryland training, you’ll build strength that will enhance your overall physical performance during games.

Get faster: Picture yourself zooming across the rink, leaving opponents in the dust. That’s the result of our dryland sessions, specifically tailored to improve your speed and agility on the ice.

Improve power: Want to unleash powerful shots and maneuvers like never before? Our hockey dryland training focuses on explosive movements, helping you generate force and execute game-changing plays.

Increase cognitive skills: It’s not just about physical prowess; our program also sharpens your mind. The dynamic exercises involved in dryland training elevate your cognitive skills, boosting focus, concentration, and decision-making abilities when it matters most on the ice.

Individualized Programming
Athletes receive individualized programming and are assessed each session to ensure program specificity and accuracy.

Proven Winning Process
Athletes are supported through our training and coaching process that has helped hockey players achieve at every level.

Holistic Environment
More than physical training, players are trained with cognitive tools that boost focus, concentration, and decision making abilities for optimized performances.

Dwaine DykeDwaine Dyke
17:40 12 Oct 23
Since coming to NTC my son Nathan has made incredible strides. The main benefactor that sets NTC above all others is that the owner Dan Blackburn personally invests in each kid. Every time they show up they are met with a fist bump and a positive reinforcement. I believe as a parent the most important thing we can give our children are mentors that they respect and can take their skills to a new level that they would never achieve just listening to their parents. Dan Blackburn has been that for my son. He pushes him hard physically but also builds the mental toughness though developing the belief system in himself which has pushed him past limits in a very short period of time. If your child has a desire to be the best he can be NTC is the place to bring them.
A LucasA Lucas
14:30 24 Mar 23
Excellent experience at NTC. Staff is really good with kids . Highly recommended
01:22 28 Aug 17
Great work ethics and professional demeanor.My son loves coming to the training sessions for a couple of years already and still goes with enthusiasm.Dan and the NTC team are inspiring and tough at the same time. The bar goes only higher every time and he loves the challenge.I would highly recommend the treadmill sessions! After only 10 to 20 sessions you can see tremendous improvement in your kid's skating, stability on the ice, speed and confidence.Do not be discouraged if s/he does not get it at first. Set the expectations before the first session. Give it 3-5 sessions and let your kid know in advance not to expect that s/he will fly on the treadmill as they do on the ice. Even pro players have them correct thy skating strides!I could only wish we started coming here years earlier than we did.