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The SPEED Program – Strength, Power, Endurance, Efficiency, Development

  • Does your child want to skate faster?
  • Is he/she slowing down when they get the puck?
  • Is their skating inconsistent?
  • Are they looking to improve their speed under pressure?

The most common challenge a youth hockey player faces is how to skate faster. While some players just seem to be born with an extra gear- think Conor McDavid—most need to work at it.

Even naturally fast skaters may find themselves slowing down unnecessarily or skating inconsistently. It’s one thing to skate fast in a drill. But it’s another thing to skate fast in all scenarios in a hockey game.

Skating Treadmill is the #1 program to improve skating speed and consistency. And best of all, it’s fun!

It teaches athletes to use the same physical technique, muscle motion, and skill sets used in on-ice skating. NTC’s program helps players increase their balance, speed and acceleration while strengthening their key lower body muscle groups: hamstrings, glutes, hip flexors and quads.

Who is the Skating Treadmill right for:
The Hockey treadmill is ideal for younger kids ages 4 and up, and suitable for all levels of hockey. It is designed to help build their skating speed and technique to take their game to the next level.

 I just wanted to say thank you. I have been really impressed with Dan’s treadmill training and was even more impressed watching the off-Ice training for a few minutes yesterday. I went onto your website to learn more and found your website to be an abundance of amazing information and very user friendly. I look forward to continued success


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