Facility Rental For Teams or Personal Trainers

At NTC Hockey, we understand the importance of training for athletes in various sports.

Our state-of-the-art gym is designed to cater to the specific needs of hockey teams, personal trainers, and other sports teams. We are pleased to offer our facility for rental to accommodate a wide range of training needs.


Why Choose NTC Hockey’s Gym Rental Services:

Specialized Training Facility: Our gym is equipped with the latest tools and equipment, tailored to enhance the performance of athletes from different sports. From strength and conditioning to agility and speed training, we have everything you need to boost your skills.

Spacious and Versatile: Our gym offers ample space for team workouts, practice sessions, and individual training. Whether you’re a hockey coach searching for a space to train your team, a personal trainer seeking space for private client sessions, or any other sports team in need of a dedicated training environment, we’ve got you covered.

Flexible Rental Options: We offer flexible rental options to suit your needs. You can rent our facility for a one-time, hourly use, or for ongoing training programs.

Supportive Staff: Our experienced staff is available to assist with any equipment setup or guidance you may require during your first training session.


Who Can Benefit from Our Gym Rental Services:

Hockey Teams: Enhance team performance with dedicated off-ice training sessions.

Personal Trainers: Rent our facility to provide private training sessions for your clients in a well-equipped and professional environment.

Other Sports Teams: Whether you’re part of a soccer, basketball, or any other sports team, you can rent our gym to conduct your specialized training sessions.

Elevate Your Training with NTC Hockey. Train like a champion in a facility designed for excellence across various sports!