Why Choose NTC Hockey's
Hockey Training Program?
Skating Treadmill
C.A.P.S. (Core, Agility, Power, Speed)
Building The Complete Athlete

At NTC Hockey our mission is to teach athletes how to see and experience their greatness
both on and off the ice & produce the most dominant hockey players in the game.

We do this by challenging, mentoring, inspiring and leading athletes through our
Pillars of  Greatness, Skating Treadmill, On Ice and Off Ice programs.

We are committed to helping hockey players achieve their dreams!
- Dan Blackburn

Here's What Athletes & Parents Are Saying! 

Skating Treadmill

NTC’s Skating Treadmill program follows our proven S.P.E.E.D process to help athletes become champions:
S – Strength
P – Power
E – Endurance
​​​​​​​E – Efficiency
​​​​​​​D – Development
​​​​​​​The S.P.E.E.D program teaches athletes to use the same physical technique, muscle motion, and skill sets used in on-ice skating. NTC’s program helps players increase their balance, speed and acceleration while strengthening their key lower body muscle groups: hamstrings, glutes, hip flexors and quads.

C.A.P.S. (Core, Agility, Power, Speed)

Our C.A.P.S TRAINING PROGRAMS are an essential addition to any athletes off-ice fitness regime. Developing your core creates a solid foundation for all power movements, while at the same time, speed and agility exercises train the athlete’s body to react quickly to various game situations.


CORE – Foundation to all power movements
​​​​​​​AGILITY – Bodies ability to react quickly to various game situations
​​​​​​​POWER – Increased force/work output over a given period of time
​​​​​​​SPEED – Athlete’s ability to move from point A to point B

Building The Complete Athlete

If you want accountability, challenges and RESULTS, this is the program for you!

Building the Complete Athlete was created to accelerate your growth. With Building The Complete Athlete, you get all 8 training components, each with individualized weekly programs.

In addition to all the training and coaching, you get access to The Pillars of Greatness, my step-by-step guide that teaches 3 life-transforming principles that will help you form a plan to shatter the fears and setbacks that have stopped you from creating results you want. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Get stronger, more powerful, more mobile, better conditioned and become the MOST confident player on the ice, the MOST driven player in the league, the MOST determined athlete your sport HAS ever seen…  

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