NTC Hockey presents Keynote Speaker
Legendary Results Coach, Dan Blackburn
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Hi, I am Dan Blackburn and I’m a dad, coach, author, and founder of the Pillars of Greatness, a program to help you unlock your greatness within you. For the last 21 years, I have helped my clients turn their fears, frustrations and setbacks into powerful success stories.


As a young man, I felt virtually invincible when envisioning my success. I worked hard and focused intently on my dreams. As I grew older and ventured into the “real world”, I began to lose my drive and allowed fear to stop me in my tracks. I found myself failing over and over again until one day I hit rock bottom: I was jobless, living in a room I rented from a friend with no savings or business experience: struggling in my personal relationships and finding NO support from my family: and too afraid to ask anyone for help. I realized then that if I was ever going to succeed, I needed more than just a dream and the willingness to work hard. I needed a plan and the commitment to execute regardless of challenges and fears.  The realization transformed me from a dreamer into a DOER and was the genesis for what would eventually become my life mantra: Dream. Plan. Execute.


 Today, I have trained thousands, including champions like PK Subban, David Bolland, Tyler Sequin and Tyler Toffoli.

Pillars Of Greatness
Presented by NTC Hockey

Building on my own experience, as well as training champions like PK Subban, Jeff Skinner and Tyler Seguin, I have developed the Pillars of Greatness, a step-by-step guide on how to  Dream, Plan and Execute the life you want. Offered as a keynote series for schools, associations, corporations and clubs the curriculum teaches 3 life-transforming principles that will help you form a plan to shatter the fears and setbacks that have stopped you from creating the life you want. Trust me, I have seen it all, and I know that regardless of circumstances, environment or limitations, you can achieve. 

These 3 life-transforming principles will will help you become the MOST confident player on the ice, the MOST driven player in the league, the MOST determined athlete your sport HAS ever seen.


“You are bigger than your fears!”


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May 12, 2018
Time: 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM

National Training Centres
​​​​​ located above Rink #5 @Westwood Arena 
90 Woodbine Downs Blvd
Etobicoke, Ontario M9W 5S6 CA

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Guest Speaker, Coach
Matt Korthuis

Since retiring, Matt Korthuis has been a professional skills and development coach for the past 3 years, coaching out of Saskatoon., Saskatchewan. Before getting into coaching Matt spent almost ten years playing hockey professionally in Europe. He spent a good portion of his career playing in The Netherlands, but also had brief stops in Italy, and Australia. He was also fortunate enough to attend 3 World Championships as a member of the Dutch National Hockey team.

A long with his on ice coaching duties, Matt also runs the Hockey Pro Training social media pages, through his pages his main focus is taking what it is he does on the ice, and help as many people he can learn and excel at the game of hockey, especially those who dont have access to skills and development coaching in their area. Its his hope that being part of this website will allow him to do that on another level and continue giving back to the game that he loves.

Guest Speaker,
Satoshi Takano
Today, being a parent is harder than ever, let alone a parent supporting their child in a competitive sport. Satoshi Takano is a father, a coach, and a professor at Humber College, teaching our future generation about the importance of leadership and high performance, and the effective use of the mind to drastically improve the players output and productivity. 

By applying his own teachings of high performance, Satoshi and his 13 year old son Ryo has worked tirelessly together for the last 6 years, and most recently became a member of the Toronto Red Wings AAA Bantam team. Satoshi is not only passionate about improving the skills and psychology of the players, but also helping parents and fellow coaches from around the world, navigate the complexity of playing competitive hockey in Canada. His hope is to build a strong  foundation for all athletes to thrive in their careers, both on and off the ice. 
What people are saying...
Hal Johnson
Co-Founder of "BodyBreak"
"The hardest person to convince is the one looking back at you in the mirror, that person is never fooled. The Pillars of Greatness program will allow you to look at that mirror with total confidence.”
James Dentley
Business and Wealth Development Expert
“Dan Blackburn can help anyone who is willing to take the journey
to live a legendary life! He’s amongst the best in the world!”
Ernest Thomas Hamilton
"Dan Blackburn is a Champion Maker. Dan works with Top Level Athlete’s and he works with us to bring our minds into the Top 1% Winning Mindset. It works and Dan is A Champion Maker.  BOOYAH!"
Liam Little
17 years of age
"Dan has taught me how to stay focused on my goals and dreams and given me the strategies to be in the top 10% of my peer group." 
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