How Hockey Training Can Make a Difference to Your Game

You can’t go from being a couch potato to a hockey player with superior skills overnight. It takes months, if not years, of hard work and plenty of hockey training. There are people who say that the best way to get better is by actually strapping on the skates and playing in a game.

Hockey training

To achieve this you must commit to a regular off ice training program.

Hit Harder and Skate Faster

Strength training is such a key component of any off-season hockey training session, and for good reason. Without the proper levels of full-body strength, your body will be unable to tolerate the high levels of physical stress that it is exposed to during hockey games.

Even if you think your body already has a great level of physical power, that does not mean you can just drop this kind of hockey training from your routine. Not only do these types of exercises increase strength but they also help to maintain current levels of strength. So if you stop doing training sessions, then you could actually end up losing some of your strength, which will have significant negative effects on your game time performance.

It is actually estimated that a player who does not engage in ice hockey training will begin to lose strength and have their speed and power visually affected after only two weeks. So constantly make sure to include off season hockey training in your routine to at least maintain your strength.

Get Tired Less Often

Many hockey players come back onto the bench after a long shift huffing and puffing but some are visibly doing it much harder than others. This is not because they necessarily worked harder but rather, they did not keep up with their training. By engaging in the proper exercises, you can significantly improve your endurance levels for when it comes time for the puck to drop.

Suddenly, those 60-90 second shifts will not seem like such a big deal because your body will actually be conditioned to handle them. And as we all know, being on the ice is the only way to get those points.

If you are interested in improving your hockey performance with one of our trainers, contact us here at NTC or give a session a try for free.

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