How much would you give if your life depended on it?

MMMMonday MMMotivation is here!

Can you believe that 97% of people don’t dream big enough? If this didn’t shock me enough when I first heard it, my next thought did; this means only 3% of the population are dreaming BIG! WOW!! Only 3% of people are taking the necessary risks to make their BIG dreams come true!!!

This statistic made me change my thinking and immediately challenged me to elevate my game. So, what side of the fence are you playing on; the 3% or 97% side?

What would you give if the life of your dreams depended on it? What would you give in order to get into the 3% club?

Listen to this weeks Monday Motivation and learn how to step up your game and join the 3% club.

Have a great week and remember to dream, plan and execute your way to a legendary life! #BOOYAH



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