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Underdog; A strength or weakness?

MM is in the house!!!  #BOOYAH This week we are kicking it old school! Who had the advantage David or Goliath? Being an underdog doesn’t have to be a disadvantage, in fact it can be your greatest advantage. Watch this weeks Monday Motivation and learn how I have taught my clients how to go from underdog to top dog!  #Booyah I love hearing from you! Thanks […]

What do Lebron, Stamkos and Donaldson have in common?

It’s time to step into your most powerful day of the week! It’s  Monday Motivation time! Who is on Lebron’s team? What about Steven Stamkos’s; Who’s on his team? Josh Donaldson, have you seen his team? These superstars play for amazing teams, but the teams that propel them to be great are the teammates you never see; the […]

Change freaking you out?

Does change excite you, or take your breath away?  Do you resist change, or embrace it? Does change inspire you to tap into inspiration or fear? Watch this weeks Monday Motivation and learn how to turn change into one of your most powerful allies!  #Booyah ​ I love hearing from you! Do you resist change or embrace it? […]

Life is short. What are you going to do with your 86 400?

Monday Motivation is here! What are you going to do with your next 24 hours? Life is so short. What are you going to do with the 86 400 seconds that today has brought you? What are you going to do today to make it a powerful one? Watch todays Monday Motivation and get your […]

And you thought second hand smoke was bad?

It’s time to meet your most powerful day of the week; Monday Motivation. #Booyah Second hand smoke can kill you and second hand information can kill your dreams. That’s right, as long as you let the news, gossip and outside information interfere in the pursuit of your dreams, second hand information can be as lethal to your dreams as second hand smoke […]

If you think All-Stars only exist in sport, think again!

Its double M… that’s right…. Monday Motivation! There are top 10 lists, greatest hits and best of the best….. and today it’s an ALL STAR action packed Monday Motivation. Jump in and see what this weeks video is all about!  #Booyah     I love hearing from you! Thanks for all your comments and shares. Keep them coming and share this week’s Monday Motivation […]

Its time to unlock your greatness!

Your most powerful day of the week; Monday Motivation time! 27 years ago, while struggling to make my dreams come true, I learned 3 simple keys that immediately unlocked my greatness;   Acceptance, Participation, Contribution. That’s right, these 3 simple, and I mean S-I-M-P-L-E keys, when used in order gave me the power to dream, plan and execute the life of my dreams… and here’s the kicker; the change was immediate and permanent. Oh ya you heard […]

Why are you being so selfish?

Welcome to Monday Motivation! No matter where you are or what you are doing, you have gifts to share with the world!   Despite your current situation and regardless of what is going in for you right now, somebody, somewhere needs your GIFTS! This week… today…. right now, GO share your gifts! Watch today’s Monday Motivation and be reminded of how […]

Would you believe success and failure are both stopping you? Oh ya… it’s true

It’s Monday Motivation time! #Booyah When I was a 27 I hit rock bottom; no where to live and no job. I was depressed and lost. Then, in my darkest hour, I learned a lesson that changed my life; sustainable success is achieved through momentum and not by success and failure in the moment. ​ Watch today’s Monday Motivation and learn the lesson that changed my […]

Challenges holding you back?

Its time!!!  Monday Motivation is here! Challenges never affect your outcome; what you do in the face of the challenges does.  Reality is, challenges will appear in your life. BIG DEAL! I know you have more to give. I know you have more to bring to the table. Watch this weeks Monday Motivation and learn how to turn your challenges […]