On Ice Skills & Conditioning

Taking conditioning to the ice is one way to make sure your timing and hand-eye coordination comes back.

  • Are you a male or female U14 Player?
  • Do you want to get your legs going again?

Join NTC at Westwood for on-ice sessions that will have you moving your feet, your hands and using your head.

Led by Dan Blackburn each session includes intense warm-ups, quick on and off the stick drills, head up skating and passing exercises.

All of these are designed to get your heart rate going and the blood flowing to feel the rush of playing again. Drills are designed to improve your conditioning levels while working on the mental part of your game.

Email us at info@ntchockey.com – and we'll add your name to our list to advise

On-Ice Edgework Skating training

Skating training to help you improve your Stride, Edgework, Hockey posture, Balance and Agility with Proper Technique teaching.

  • How are your pivots?
  • Do you find you lean too far forward?
  • Are you on your heels?
  • Want to get rid of that choppy stride?
  • Are your sharp turns more like wide ones?

Hockey players of all ages are feeling the constraints of this quarantine. NTC has
added a new program – On-Ice Edgework. Designed for any age group, this small
group coaching sessions will have you feeling the ice in no time. The problem with
most players is they were not taught the fine tuning to become fast, powerful and
efficient when skating. Until now!

In this session you will get centered; Find balance with your stride and power with
your kick; Learn the true hockey posture; Identify the proper technique from
standing still to the optimal stride and efficient turns.

Email us at info@ntchockey.com – and we'll add your name to our list to advise

Dan, the founder of NTC has been helping athletes for over 20 years, teaching them to see their greatness potential, both on and off the ice.

” What do you want and what are you willing to do to ge there? “