The POWER and PERILS of living the pack mentality

Welcome to your most powerful day of your week; Monday Motivation!! #Booyah

We all want to be included, in fact the pack mentality is a necessary part of life, but what happens when your need to be included interferes with your BIG Dreams? I’m talking about the times when you wait for someones feedback, attention, and/or approval before you get on with your life!

For 20 years I have been teaching people how to chase there own dreams, which at times, means running your own race.  In this weeks MONDAY MOTIVATION, I remind you of the power of putting your dreams ahead of the need to be included! #BOOYAH

Watch now…..

I love hearing from you! Are your needs to be included, interfering with your BIG Dreams? Let me know in the comments below and share this week’s Monday Motivation with your friends, family and colleagues.

Have a great week and remember to keep dreaming, planning and executing your way to a legendary life! #BOOYAH

Your friend,

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