The Blueprint GTA families are using to overcome the stress & anxiety of this year's return to School and Hockey...
(while being home schooled or remote learning) 
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This webinar is for you if you are considering homeschooling, e-learning or an HP program for your son or daughter this year!
  • The simple game plan to stickhandle around the stressors of your son/daughter’s return to school and return to hockey.
  • The Winning Formula for your son/daughter’s e-learning or at homeschooling experience.
  • How our clients are using this program as a return to school and return to hockey solution.
  • ​Why HP or remote learning can be the solution to eliminate your fear, anxiety and anger of heading back to school and the rink!
…and how this will empower you to make 
the decision that is right for your kids.
Presented by
Dan Blackburn
Dan Blackburn, leading authority in Youth Development, Youth Mentorship & Community Activist.
“NTC’s 20+ year mission to build better, stronger athletes — both on and off the ice.” 
“He’s a transformational coach and a world class mentor to world class athletes ... who’ve competed at world championships, NHL and the Olympics.” 

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