We‘re super EXCITED to invite you to our Spring On Ice Hockey Camp, happening APRIL 12th til April 16th 2021 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM


Players born between 
2005 and 2012
AA/AAA level


April 12th to 16th
Daily from 
9:00 AM to 2:00 PM


NTC Hockey 
Parking Lot @Westwood Arena: 90 Woodbine Downs, Etobicoke, ON

Attend The 2021
Spring Camp



  • SAQ: Speed, Agility, Quickness
  • ​Aerobic and Anaerobic 
  • ​Plyometrics - Full Body Coordination 
  • ​Shooting 
  • ​Stick-handling
  • ​Races - Competition
  • ​Drills to Bring Home 


  • April 12th to April 16th
  • $299 - ($100 deposit to register - balance to be paid when facility opens up)
  • ​Parking Lot @Westwood Arena: 90 Woodbine Downs, Etobicoke, ON • 9am – 2pm
  • 1 or 2 groups of maximum 4 players per group 
  • ​For players born between 2005 and 2012 
  • ​AA/AAA level

What is NTC?

Our VISION: To be the world’s complete solution in body, mind, spirit & emotional development for athletes in hockey.

Our MISSION: To teach athletes to be confident and great by mentoring, inspiring and leading them through our Pillars of Greatness, Skating Treadmill, On Ice and Off Ice instruction, customized testing protocols, showcase events, and virtual coaching programs.

     Caring: Show compassion, understanding and dedication
     Excellence: Committed to sharing & delivering quality
     Integrity: Lead ethically and morally
     Enjoyment: Have fun being of service
     Helpful: Provide beneficial resources
     Gratitude: Thankful for all

Our WHY:  

“When you believe in you as much as you want others to believe in you, success finds you” were the words NTC Founder Dan Blackburn told himself while struggling to reach his dreams.

Dan enjoyed coaching hockey and helping others. He identified the importance of family after growing up in a broken environment with an alcoholic family. He hit rock bottom himself when he ended up jobless with no savings, no business experience, struggling in personal relationships and getting NO business support from family and friends.

Taking his passion for hockey and helping youth, Dan started NTC (National Training Centres) in 1998. He built it on the foundation: to teach athletes how to realize their greatness already existing within them and to help them reach their goals and dreams. Dan knew first hand that athletes can quickly lose their drive as fear steps in and eventually stop them in their tracks.

A Pillar to NTC’s foundation is Family. Each athlete is welcomed and cared for with a heart-centered appreciation. At the same time they are challenged to go beyond what they know as their current beliefs of themselves and what’s possible. We succeed when our athletes succeed… It's what fuels us.

Camp Head Coach

Mark Simon

… is the new Sports Director for NTC and has been a coach, manager, developer and consultant of hockey players and teams since 1998, starting in Montreal and since 2007, in China. Mark is excited to be bringing his decades of hockey experience back to Canada with NTC.

 After helping build the Beijing Imperial Guard into Beijing’s top youth team from 2008-12, Mark moved to Shanghai and worked with various teams, rinks and clubs until March of 2016. After that, he became a consultant for the KHL’s Kunlun Red Star and Hong Kong’s China Hockey Group while continuing to coach and help promote the sport throughout China.
He is from Montreal, Quebec and moved to China in 2006. He played the highest levels of hockey for most of his youth career which ended at the Major Collegiate AAA level at John Abbott College. He has been coaching boys and girls of all ages for over 20 years.

Technical Program

Speed, Agility, Quickness

  • Quick Feet
  • Straight Ahead & Side-to-Side Speed
  • Reflexes & Reactions
  • ​Power
  • ​Body Control 

Aerobic - Anaerobic

  • Hockey is one of the rare sports that combines both 
  • Long + consistent output AND HIIT 
  • ​Pace control and breathing techniques 


  • Explosive Power
  • Full Body Mobility
  • ​Core Strength
  • ​Jumps in all Directions
  • Hand Eye Coordination

Full Body

  • Hand - Eye (throwing / catching, juggling, dribbling, etc.)
  • Balance & Centre of Gravity  
  • Core Strength with hand, arm & leg control/finesse


  • Using pucks from a shooting board
  • Various obstacles 
  • ​Quick release, Accuracy, Shooting motion
  • ​One-timers and Backhand strength


  • Using off-ice discs, golf balls & orange balls
  • Stationary and moving with cones/obstacles 
  • ​Controlling Arms, Wrists and Hands
  • ​Head-Up & ‘With Puck’ Awereness

Games - Races - Competition

  • Timed Activities 
  • One on One Drills
  • Gaining a Mental Edge 
  • Developing a Winner’s Mindset

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