Usain Bolt and you are alike…really, you are!

It's time for your Monday Motivation!

Did you hit your personal best today? No? That's great news!

Even legends know that it's impossible to get personal bests day after day. Sure there will be times when you improve, and the majority of time the barometer of your best will be YOU! That's right!
This week stop worrying about others opinions, choices and results, and instead focus on your best. If you need to step up your game, then get to it, and if you are bringing your all, forget about the scoreboard, coach, or teachers perspective, and get excited about your BEST. It's what matters!

I have been helping people for nearly 20 years, and trust me when I say, I have seen it all. You have the abilities, power and strength within you to make your greatest dream happen. When you stop living by other people's measuring sticks and focus on being all you can be, your dream will fall in your lap!

Enjoy this week's Monday Motivation.

Remember to post your questions/comments below and share this week’s video with someone who needs a little MMMonday Motivation!

Have a legendary week! #BOOYAH

See you next Monday.

Your friend,

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