About NTC Hockey

Our VISION:  To be a part of the hockey community where every child feels better about themselves after they leave than when they arrived.

Our MISSION:  Unlock the greatness residing in each player & teach athletes the tools necessary to pursue their dreams, in the face of any circumstance.

Our WHY: Teaching athletes, families and coaches the importance of a winners process will always outlast the hockey system at large. Far too many hockey players allow The System (all the things out of your control) to control their self-belief and trajectory, leading to underperforming and, in many cases, players quitting the game before they wanted to. We are committed to changing this.


Greatness:Unlock the Greatness that you were born with

Health: Build unbreakable Mental, Physical, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual health and a healthy being

Service: Leadership through lifting others up

Legendary: Surround yourself with 1) People who have travelled on your path ahead of you, (2) Know how they achieved on that path, and (3) Are inspired to impart their knowledge to you

Accountability: Find clues to achievement in every failure and success

Friends and Family: Light up and be lit up by those you choose to surround you

Battle: Keep working – When you believe in yourself as much as you want others to believe in you, success finds you.

Dan’s Story
Dan identified the importance of Family after growing up in an alcoholic family. He hit rock bottom when he ended up jobless with no savings, no business experience, struggling in personal relationships and feeling depressed, alone and questioning his dreams. 

Taking his passion for hockey and helping youth, Dan started NTC (National Training Centres) in 1998. He built it on the foundation: to teach athletes how to realize the greatness within them and help them reach their goals and dreams. Dan knew firsthand that athletes could quickly lose their drive as fear steps in and eventually stop them in their tracks.

A-Pillar of NTC’s foundation is Family. Each athlete is welcomed and cared for with a heart-centred appreciation. At the same time, they are inspired and pushed to go beyond what they know as their current beliefs of themselves and what’s possible. We succeed when our athletes succeed… It’s what fuels us. #Booyah