Off Ice Hockey Training Workouts

Train Like The Pros

Helping Hockey Players Develop Speed, Power, Strength, Mobility and Skills to Dominate on The Ice.

🚀 Train Like The Pros: Explosive Strength Training

Making yourself HARD to play against 💪💥🏒 Unleashing Physicality and Elevating Game Changers on the Rink!

Sled Push Variations
🏒Depth Jump

8 reps x 4 sets – per exercise I am text block.

Unleashing your Agility and Endurance: Train Like the Pros!🏒

This specially designed dryland workout is the ultimate training for hockey players!💪⚡️ By honing agility, quickness, and endurance, we’re sculpting players ready to dominate the rink. 🥅 From lightning-quick direction changes to relentless strides, this regimen is the game-changer every hockey player needs! 🏆 Lace up and conquer the ice!🔥🔥🔥

🏒Agility/Endurance Training – 0:03

 ⁃ 20 second intervals per-starting side

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Now go get to work! #booyah

Mental Agility and Reflexes: Train Like The Pros!🏒🏒

🧠❄️ Sharp Minds, Swift Moves: Mental Agility and Reflexes Rule the Ice! 🏒🔥From Split-Second Decisions to Lightning-Quick Reactions, Elevating Ice Hockey Performance to Elite Levels 

Mental Agility/Reflex Training

🏒30 reps per-side

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Now go get to work! #booyah

Power up your game 🏒💪! Elevate your game with banded upper body workouts, enhancing strength and agility for a winning performance on the ice! Strengthen your shots, sharpen your skills, and dominate the rink with banded upper body workouts. Elevate your game to the next level! 🚀💪 

🏒Exercise 1: Banded Rows into Cross-Body Press – 0:02

 ⁃ 10 reps (per side) x 4 sets

🏒Exercise 2: Banded Cross Lunges – 0:49

 ⁃ 10 reps (per side) x 3 sets

🏒Exercise 3: Banded Core Rotation – 1:26

 ⁃ 10 reps (per side) x 3 sets


Now go get to work! #booyah

In the dynamic world of hockey, mastering stability and balance is the key to control!🏒✨ It’s not just about puck handling; it’s about orchestrating the game with precision on the ice. Champions rise by seamlessly navigating, making split-second decisions, and executing with finesse, showcasing the perfect balance between control and flair. Dominate the sport where stability reigns. 🎯🔥 #StabilityOnIce #HockeyExcellence #control #ntchockey #icehockey #training 
🏒Exercise 1: Single-Leg Depth Squat into Sprint – 0:03
 ⁃ Hold for 5 seconds (per rep)
 ⁃ Length of sprint is determined by amount of space and capabilities
🏒Exercise 2: Wall Sit w/Shoulder Mobility – 0:11
 ⁃ 30 seconds (per rep)
 ⁃ Arm raise every 5 seconds
 ⁃ 5 reps
🏒Exercise 3: Core Stabilization (Deadlift on a half-exercise ball for balance) – 0:29
 ⁃ 8 reps x 3 sets
Now go get to work💪#booyah

Off Ice Hockey Workouts

Training is an essential addition to your off-ice fitness regime.  Select one video and follow Dan Blackburn as he takes you through the training session.

Resistance Bands Training

This section is to help you with your strength and conditioning development training.  Coach JAMES shares instructional movements with resistance bands to enhance and amplify your development.