Nick Dominelli (Parent)

Matthew Viola

Michelle Zambri (Parent)

Cameron Gray

Marc Anthony Mele

Robert Mignardi – Kingston Frontenacs OHL

I have been training with Dan and NTC for the last 2 summers and the training is intense, beneficial and lots of fun.  If you are looking to improve, NTC has it!

Tyler Kelloway – St Mike Buzzers

I have been to other training centres, and worked with other people, and Dan is the best.  I began working with Dan in Bantam, and since then, I have recognized the value of training with Dan and the NTC team.


Thanks again for the invite! Christian really enjoyed himself! He is looking forward to March showcase.

Ewan Camick

Thanks for yesterday. It was really amazing. I learned a lot.

Tim Maclean

We were talking about the Showcase at dinner tonight. Steven had an excellent week — lots of fun and good competition. He thought it was really well organized and he got a lot out of the non-hockey activities.

Thomas Giardetti (and his Mom & Dad)

Just wanted to send a note to say thank you again for inviting Thomas to your showcase. What a week. I appreciated the positive reinforcement from yourself as well as all the guests that you brought in to speak to the young men. Who knows where the game of hockey will lead him but he has a better understanding of what it is going to take as well as some homework for all us.

Alessandro Zambri

Michael Bascio (Parent)

Noah Schwartz

Jordan Furlane

Johnny Aonso

Dwaine DykeDwaine Dyke
17:40 12 Oct 23
Since coming to NTC my son Nathan has made incredible strides. The main benefactor that sets NTC above all others is that the owner Dan Blackburn personally invests in each kid. Every time they show up they are met with a fist bump and a positive reinforcement. I believe as a parent the most important thing we can give our children are mentors that they respect and can take their skills to a new level that they would never achieve just listening to their parents. Dan Blackburn has been that for my son. He pushes him hard physically but also builds the mental toughness though developing the belief system in himself which has pushed him past limits in a very short period of time. If your child has a desire to be the best he can be NTC is the place to bring them.
A LucasA Lucas
14:30 24 Mar 23
Excellent experience at NTC. Staff is really good with kids . Highly recommended
01:22 28 Aug 17
Great work ethics and professional demeanor.My son loves coming to the training sessions for a couple of years already and still goes with enthusiasm.Dan and the NTC team are inspiring and tough at the same time. The bar goes only higher every time and he loves the challenge.I would highly recommend the treadmill sessions! After only 10 to 20 sessions you can see tremendous improvement in your kid's skating, stability on the ice, speed and confidence.Do not be discouraged if s/he does not get it at first. Set the expectations before the first session. Give it 3-5 sessions and let your kid know in advance not to expect that s/he will fly on the treadmill as they do on the ice. Even pro players have them correct thy skating strides!I could only wish we started coming here years earlier than we did.