Dryland Training for Teams

NTC’s Dryland Training for hockey teams includes strength training, mobility work, cognitive training, conditioning, agility and speed work.


Benefits of Hockey Dryland Training:

Enhanced Strength: By engaging in hockey dryland training, players can become stronger, improving their overall physical performance on the ice.

Increased Speed: Regular dryland training sessions help players improve their speed, allowing them to swiftly navigate the rink and outpace their opponents.

Injury Prevention: One of the significant advantages of hockey dryland training is its ability to prevent injuries. By focusing on specific exercises and conditioning techniques, players can enhance their stability, flexibility, and overall body control, reducing the risk of injuries during games.

Improved Power: Hockey dryland training is known for improving power in players. Through targeted exercises that emphasize explosive movements, athletes can enhance their ability to generate force and execute powerful plays and maneuvers.

Enhanced Cognitive Skills: Engaging in hockey dryland training doesn’t just benefit players physically; it also enhances their cognitive skills. The complex nature of the sport and the various exercises involved in dryland training help sharpen focus, concentration, and decision-making abilities.

Boost Confidence: A benefit of hockey dryland training is its ability to boost self-confidence. As players observe their personal physical improvements, it instills a sense of achievement and a stronger belief in their skills, leading to increased confidence when they step onto the ice.

Incorporating hockey dryland training into a team’s routine can lead to these benefits, resulting in improved team performance and overall growth.

NTC offers age-appropriate exercises and tailored programs for teams, along with guidance and support from our dedicated, knowledgeable, and committed NTC Hockey trainers.

Our Dryland training equips players with the agility, conditioning, coordination, strength, mobility, cognitive skills, and skill training required to unlock their full potential. We tailor our programs to meet the unique needs of teams across different age groups.


Team Training

If you’re interested in learning more or ready to get started contact Dan Blackburn at dan@ntchockey.com.

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