NTC’s Hockey Training – Interview with Kerry Goulet

Dan Blackburn from National Training Centre sits down with Canadian hockey legend Kerry Goulet discussing some of the challenges throughout his hockey life, including trying out for the Winnipeg Jets, his time in Europe and dealing with concussions and depression. He talks about how he turned those difficult dark times into successful ways to give back to the community and help him build his life after hockey.

Kerry shares his story and gives advice on how to deal with adversity, so that other young hockey players who might be dealing with their own struggles in life can get through them.

NTC – National Training Centre train kids to be the best athletes they can be. NTC has a variety of  Off Ice Hockey Training Programs, a skating treadmill and hockey dryland training drills to make athletes stronger and give them the power and endurance they need to succeed in game situations.

NTC’s Hockey training programs are ideal for kids ages 7-18 and all skill levels. Dan Blackburn and his trainers are committed to helping hockey players achieve their dreams!

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