NTC’s Hockey Training Program – Interview with Jim Vitale

Dan Blackburn from NTC meets up with Jim Vitale to learn how he as a player, coach and parent has continued to improve himself and the people around him.

Jim gives a bunch of tips for both parents and athletes, here are just a few:

Tips for the Rink:

  • Doesn’t matter what the scoreboard is, it’s about the EFFORT!
  • Plug into your game and do what you can, don’t worry about the other team
  • Sleep is huge!! Body is repairing itself
  • Skip sugar, eg. pop, juices, and water down your Sports Drinks ½ with water.
  • Make sure if you are having complex carbs it’s many hours before the game and cut out carbohydrates that spikes insulin
  • Rehydrate !! Protein drinks and amino acids right after a game or practice Eg. a protein bar may have about 11 grams of protein and 2 grams of sugar. Must be within 45 minutes of exercise


Tips for Parents:

  • Encourage your kids to ask their coaches questions, ensure they understand what they want from them
  • Listen to what the coaches say…stay to watch the practice
  • Try not to be emotional, leave your problems from the day in the car and come into their child’s games with a better frame of mind
  • Don’t be afraid to ask the coach what they can do to help with their kid to improve
  • Every kid needs someone that believes in them


Tips in Life for Everyone:

  • Use your time wisely, read audio books into the car/bus to always continue  to be a life long learner
  • Take time to think, and write down your thoughts. Visualize who you want to be.
  • Everyone is responsible to use the gifts they were given. We were on the earth to create.
  • Everything you do should be value based. Figure out your values and make the time for the things that are most valuable for you.
  • You can’t help things that you can’t control, but do the best that you can for the things you can control.
  • You always have something to offer. Dive into what you are good at and do the best you can do of that.
  • Always push outside of your comfort zone, this is how you can help get to the next level


About NTC:
For over 20 years, NTC – National Training Centre’s Hockey Training Program has been helping athletes develop their hockey skills to help achieve the results they are aiming for.

They work with athletes through their Off Ice Hockey Training, hockey treadmill and hockey dryland training.

NTC’s Hockey training program is suited for athletes of all skills, between the ages of 7-18. Contact NTC if you are interesting more about their programs and how they can help you achieve your dreams.  www.ntchockey.com

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