And you thought second hand smoke was bad?

It’s time to meet your most powerful day of the week; Monday Motivation. #Booyah

Second hand smoke can kill you and second hand information can kill your dreams.

That’s right, as long as you let the news, gossip and outside information interfere in the pursuit of your dreams, second hand information can be as lethal to your dreams as second hand smoke is to your lungs!

Something I learned years ago when I first started chasing my dreams; ‘Just because others peoples ideas are true for them doesn’t mean their words and ideas are true for me!’

Watch this weeks MM and learn how you can stay focused on your dreams inspite of the second hand information that surrounds you!

It’s time to go get your dreams!  #Booyah



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Have a great week and remember to keep dreaming, planning and executing your way to a legendary life! #BOOYAH

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